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Dual sided hog hair wash or prep brush

10” Dual Surface Wash Prep Hog Hair Brush (very-soft)

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Do you demand the highest quality products for your wash process or detailing business? Look no further than this premium hogs hair brush. This brush features a dual surface to help you cover more area. Perfect for wash jobs that require ultra low friction while still providing extreme cleaning power. The softest wash brush money can buy.

Treat this brush right and it'll outlast any traditional synthetic brush!
Natural Hogs Hair > Synthetic, every day. 

Handmade in the USA for over 70 Years!

Recommended Soaps:
Platinum WashWash and WaxBug Remover 

Brush Poles:
31"-55" Telescoping Brush Pole or 12 Foot Telescoping Brush Pole

Image Wash Products (Formerly Reflections Wash Products)
*Due to the nature of this product, discount codes are not valid on this item. 

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