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Conquer Carpet Cleaner - Castle Glass Cleaner - Quest Final Shine +

Interior Cleaning Trio

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Castle Glass Cleaner is the last glass cleaner you'll ever use.
By far the best glass cleaner we have used to date in our big rig polish and detail shop. Extraordinary cleaning power and a streak-free finish. Trust us, we've tried them all!

**Do not use on tinted windows.**

Final Shine - Interior Dressing
High luster interior dressing! Easy to apply and provides a delicious watermelon scent. This product leaves behind an extremely shiny finish. Your interior has never looked this good!

CONQUER Carpet Cleaner
Clean those tough stains and other “oops” with this brand new Carpet Cleaner that’s designed to penetrate, lift, and clean in no time at all. Once applied, you’ll instantly notice how quickly the bubbles begin to work. Stains begin to lift and dirt gets removed easily with a wet cloth, leaving your carpet looking like new! Aside from flushing out filth, this cleaner also deodorizes your carpet, while helping to prevent future soils.

  • Allows you to quickly remove stains from your carpets
  • Easy to apply and begins working fast
  • Provides you with newer-looking carpets with little to no effort


  1. Shake well before use
  2. Spray cleaner directly to the stain as well as the immediate area surrounding the stain from 6-8 inches away
  3. Allow foam to penetrate, and spray again
  4. Wipe away with cloth or rinse away with water

For tougher stains:

After letting foam penetrate, repeatedly get a clean cloth heavily soaked in water, lightly pat it down on the foamed stain to lift & absorb as much of the cleaner as you can, and go to your sink and rinse/wring it out. Dirt/stain lifted from the carpet will pour out. Heavily soak your cloth again and repeat this process until the stain is removed.

*Read Material Safety Data Sheet Before Using



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