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Quick Connect Socket (Male) - High quality stainless steel. Either MTM Hydro or General Pump.

Stainless Steel Quick Disconnect Socket (male)

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Make your wash process easier and more efficient with quick connects. Just like the name implies it allows you to quickly connect/disconnect your hardware. Switch from a rinse barrel to a foam nozzle or whatever you need to alternate between. It is made from high quality stainless steel and can withstand even our toughest chemicals. 

Will either be sourced from MTM Hydro or General Pump depending on availability. Either way will always be the same material and up to our quality standards.


- Stainless Steel Socket
- 3/8" Socket x 3/8" MNPT & 1/4" Socket x 1/4" MNPT
- EPDM O-Ring
- 303 SS
- 5000 PSI rated

Hardware Sizes For Triggers/Guns
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