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Aluminum Wheel Polish Stand

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When it comes to professional wheel stands for polishing, there is no use in getting a less than satisfactory product. Whether you are running an entire business focused on polishing truck wheels, or you are part of a trucking company or truck sales company with an in-house polishing team, then you understand the importance of a reliable truck wheel polishing stand.

There are even some truck drivers out there who are passionate enough about their ride that they are interested in DIY polishing stands, but also want to avoid adding stress to their bodies, while also saving a significant amount of time and money. Luckily for both companies and passionate individuals, we offer semi wheel polishing stands that can increase the number of wheels you can polish in a day, while also allowing you to increase profits for your business. 

Specifically, there are two types of wheel polishing stands that are worth your consideration: the aluminum wheel polish stand and the forged wheel stand. So what is the difference between the two, and what makes more sense for you and your situation? Check out some of the information below.


The aluminum wheel polish stand is designed for big rig wheels. If you have a tractor trailer, for example, then this is your best bet. Born from a scratch that needed to be itched, the aluminum wheel polishing stand was invented by a well known aluminum polisher who knew there had to be a more efficient way of polishing rims that delivered better results than leaving the rim on the vehicle. Featuring a portable design and durable materials, the wheel stand is sure to increase your wheel polishing efficiency and quality, without requiring you to buy a bulky machine that takes up immense shop floor space and costs thousands of dollars! Load your tire and take this wheel stand for a spin today!

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  • Small footprint - won’t take up a lot of shop space
  • Ultra durable - built with quality materials and ready to take on big jobs
  • No electronics - as long as gravity still works, your machine will keep running
  • Increased efficiency - fully sand and polish a rim in half the time and frustration
  • Better quality - due to the rotation you are able to achieve even perfection across the rim surface


Introducing the Forged Wheel Polishing Stand! Built in America with nothing but the toughest components including thick gauge steel, and custom CNC'd stainless steel head pieces!

This forged wheel stand will surely improve your efficiency and quality when it comes to polishing and shining forged aluminum rims. No more chasing wheels down the wall or polishing rims on the ground 🤮.

The forged wheel stand is for specialty wheels, specifically for pickup trucks, jeeps, or other passenger vehicles. What sets our design apart is that it does not damage wheels like other stands/mounting pieces on the market do. We wanted to focus our design on not only being able to fit various rim sizes, but also improve the process overall.

Therefore, the forged wheel polishing stand is made to fit various billet wheel rim sizes, including 5, 6, and A lug configurations. American Force, Intro Wheels, Raceline Wheels, Billet Specialities, and other forged head wheels. 

Cheap wheel stands offered by other companies use a lathe chuck, and that's what we used on the very first prototype of this wheel stand before we realized how awful it was to use, and how it would scrape and scratch the inside of our customers aluminum rims! But we have more respect for our tires and our rims, so these cheap wheel stands weren’t going to cut it. Simply put, they weren’t good enough for us and there was nothing else on the market. That's why we spent over 2 years developing this new forged wheel stand and working out all the kinks so you don't have to! We partnered with the best polishers in the industry to build this thing! After all, a DIY wheel polishing stand shouldn’t be difficult to use. In fact, the process should be as smooth as the polish itself.

This machine is custom built with limited inventory, so lead times may be 4-6 weeks at times so please plan ahead.

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Question: Do we sell just the head by itself?

Answer: Yes and no. If you already own the original shine n go wheel stand from us, please send us a message on social media or send an email to help@washproduct.com for pricing. If you have not purchased the other wheel stand, then no, we do not sell the new head separately.


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