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Soapy bucket next to a soapy wheel.

Dissolving Soap Sheets vs. Liquid Soap: Which is Better?

Before you get too settled on one type or brand of traditional soap, consider the benefits of dissolving soap sheets.

If you have been wondering whether dissolving soap sheets are worth it, we are here to say yes. Over the years, these eco-friendly soaps have come a long way. And now they are some of the most popular means of car washing around. But what makes dissolving soap sheets so popular?

Facts About Soap

There are all kinds of soaps out there, with natural soaps becoming increasingly common. It is no secret that many soaps have harsh chemicals. Whether hand washing your car or using a foam cannon, you still don’t want to use harsh chemicals.

Harsh chemicals used in making soap are bad for a variety of reasons. Not only are they bad for the environment and your skin, but also for your paint. If they are too harsh, these ingredients could break down the wax finish on your ride. This can lead to a lack of protection.

Therefore, sticking with natural ingredients is the way to go.

And yes, both liquid soaps and dissolving soap sheets can have natural ingredients. The key is to look at the ingredient list. In and of itself, soap isn’t bad for the environment. However, harsh chemicals used in making soap are.

What is Biodegradable Soap?

When considering soaps that are good for the environment, biodegradable soaps go a long way. As they sound like, biodegradable soaps are soaps that break down without leaving harmful residue. Usually, they are plant-based, so they break down without releasing pollutants.

And again, both dissolving soap sheets and liquid soaps can be biodegradable. So then what is the actual difference between the two products? 

The Environmental Difference

A major step forward is the lack of impact dissolving soap sheets leave on the environment. And we aren’t just talking about the types of soap, but the entire package. For example, liquid soap comes in plastic containers, which generally cannot be recycled and do not break down.

Dissolving soap sheets on the other hand come in eco friendly recyclable packaging. This means no excess waste when you are done. Additionally, dissolving soap sheets don’t take up nearly the amount of room on the shelf.

Certainly, you have spent time in the past organizing the car wash soaps in your garage. Thanks to the slim packaging of dissolving soap sheets, you’ll have plenty of space. And you won’t have to worry about organizing, since these sheets are one and done.

That’s right. One sheet with water is all you need. And if you are wondering whether one sheet is effective, you can rest assured that it is.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Save space on your shelf, limit your environmental impact, and have an excellent clean? Yes, with dissolving soap sheets it is certainly possible. And due to less packaging and product size, these sheets can be more cost-effective as well. Essentially, each wash costs less than a dollar.

As mentioned, natural soaps have come a long way. In fact, the foam will even get foamier as you are cleaning. That means you can get every little nook of your car.

Biodegradable soap going down the drain beneath a car.

Biodegradable Soap Sheets for the Win

The advantages of dissolving soap sheets outweigh those of liquid. Dissolving soaps sheets are better for the environment, and get the job done just as well. However, we understand some people prefer to stick to their traditional car wash soap. Either way, it is important to use biodegradable soaps whenever possible.

But even if you are attached to your car wash soap, it is worth giving dissolving soap sheets a try. You will certainly be satisfied with the additional space, cost, and cleanliness of your ride. Do a favor for yourself and the environment by giving dissolving soap sheets a try.

Check them out today.

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