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Who we are!

Hello and thanks for taking the time to learn a little about Image Wash Products aka #TeamClean! We are excited to share who we are, where we come from, and why we do what we do! We are not just a company that sells soap. We are a team of people who is extremely OCD and passionate about passing on years of knowledge to help people keep their rigs crispy clean in the easiest and most efficient ways. 

It all started 10 years ago when Todd, the founder of Image Wash Products started a mobile power washing business called Shine N Go. After years of growth, he sold the business to a trusted colleague to pursue another passion….detailing semi’s and polishing aluminum! He gained invaluable knowledge during the many years of mobile power washing and detailing 18 wheelers, RV'S, cars, tractors, odd jobs, and polishing aluminum. During that time, he rigorously tested all the industry leading cleaning products and learned how to maximize efficiency by finding the BEST chemical for each specific job. One important detail that sets us apart from other soap companies…. Intimate knowledge about polished aluminum and how to clean it without whitening and streaking. Washing polished aluminum is one of our greatest strengths and something we are passionate about. People spend a lot of time and money getting their rigs polished, so they need to know the soap they are using protects that investment.  

After all kinds of trial and error without getting the results we wanted from other companies products, Todd decided to partner with a local family friend and extraordinary chemist who manufactures soaps for popular car washes from all over the country! A perfect lineup of products to wash trucks easily and efficiently was curated, and has been rigorously tested in our detail shop for years. 

We are based near Grand Rapids Michigan, and take great pride in providing local jobs and supporting many other local businesses. All of our soaps are made right in Zeeland Michigan, our boxes are purchased in Zeeland Michigan, and most of our bottles are purchased from Grand Rapids and Rochester Hills Michigan. We have made it a point to try to support our local economy to the best of our ability, even at a higher cost to us. This is something we find very important in the face of massive shifts to the retail landscape. 

Overall we are proud to provide professional/detailer grade car, truck/semi, and RV soap to customers in a very straight forward product line that doesn’t overwhelm you with choices. And we do it for a fair price. 

We’re not just here to sell incredible wash products, we also have made it our mission to bring our vast washing knowledge to the truck washing community and beyond. The goal is to make washing faster and easier for the every day trucker. We’re not just here to sell incredible wash products, we also have made it our mission to bring our vast washing knowledge to the truck washing community and beyond.

Thats what we are all about!

Check out more posts from our blog to learn more about the soaps, process, and more! 

-Mike from #TeamClean



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