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Best Way To Wash Your Truck

For the best wash experience, we recommend following the steps below!


Degrease: (For engine compartment, wheel wheels, rims, that bottom inch around vehicle where dirt collects the most, etc). Our non-caustic degreaser will not etch polished aluminum. It is a concentrated formula so please mix per instructions on the label, for the heavier stuff a 50/50 dilution works great. It can be used straight as well but if it doesn’t work at 50/50 dilution that means you need a heavy duty industrial degreaser, which we also have. Works great in a pump sprayer (like you’d use for weed killer) with a premixed solution. Can also be used for interior cleaning (would use a lighter mix and test on small area first).

Bug Remover: This is a ready to use formula, no mixing required. Spray on vehicle surface wherever the bugs are, let sit for 30-60 seconds, lightly scrub as needed, and rinse off (rinse well). DOES NOT STRIP WAX PROTECTION. Works great in a pump sprayer!


STEP 2: Platinum Wash

Our Platinum Wash is a premium, concentrated, neutral pH soap formula that's remarkably effective at leaving a brilliant clean & shine while remaining gentle enough for even the highest quality paint jobs, all without leaving spots or streaks. Use about a coffee cup per 5 gallon bucket. Highly foamable as well if used (undiluted) in foam cannon. Pour it in straight, and adjust nozzle on foam cannon to choose thickness. 


STEP 4: PROTECT Wax Replacement

This is a total body all-weather protectant that is easy to spray on / rinse off, and can bead water 30+ days. Simply spray on vehicle while it is still wet, let sit for 60 seconds, then rinse off…be sure to rinse well. Helps keep the road grime from sticking and make washing it the next time much easier. Can be foamed or used in pump sprayer.



Most water is going to leave behind spots if it is not dried. You can either dry manually, use a leaf blower (works great after a coating of Wax Replacement), OR get a DI (Deionized) final rinse tank. It’s an 8” tank that acts as a filter, does not actually store the water.

In our shop, the final step is to rinse the vehicle lightly using our DI water from top to bottom. This water is as pure as it gets, and leaves no spots behind. No drying needed. We are a dealer for a great DI system, please reach out for pricing.


Questions? Give us a call or text 616-777-7175