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Soap Sheets Car Wash Kits

Clean your car for under $1 per wash with our innovative car wash soap sheets. These unique, liquid-less shampoos dissolve quickly in a foam cannon or bucket and take up less space on your shelf than heavy liquid jugs.

Plus, the soap produced from the sheets is biodegradable, just like the packaging it comes in. If you're looking for a cost-effective and green way to wash your car, this is it! Buy car wash soap sheets and starter kits below.


What they are, how to use them, and why our mission is important.

Breaking Down the Products Included in Our Soap Car Wash Kits

We offer a Complete Car Wash Soap Sheet Kit which serves as the comprehensive collection. Our kits provide everything needed to thoroughly clean and protect your vehicle's exterior. This kit is truly a one-stop solution for achieving a showroom-worthy shine.

Car Wash Soap Sheets (10 Sheet Pack)

At the heart of this kit is our innovative Car Wash Soap Sheets. These ultra-concentrated soap sheets dissolve into a rich, pH-neutral solution perfect for washing any type of vehicle.

Simply add a few sheets to your foam cannon or bucket, and you'll have a thick, lubricating foam ready for a gentle mitt or brush wash. Unlike bulky liquid soaps, these compact sheets offer remarkable cleaning power while minimizing packaging waste.

Best of all, it’s an environmentally safe car wash soap so you can wash your car anywhere without having to worry about toxic chemicals leaching into the ground and into waterways.

All Purpose Degreaser (16oz Sprayer)

Tackling tough grease and grime is made easy with the included All Purpose Degreaser. This versatile solution can be used on tires, wheels, engine bays, interiors, and more.

Simply spray it on, allow it to penetrate, and watch as stubborn messes effortlessly rinse away. Remarkably, this degreaser is safe for use on polished aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, and even paint.

Bug Remover (16oz Sprayer)

Prepare your vehicle for a spotless wash by utilizing our powerful Bug Remover that can help you get through those extra buggy summer months.

Formulated to safely dissolve bug splatter, bird droppings, and other organic matter, this alkaline solution ensures a pristine surface before washing. It's gentle enough for use on various finishes, including polished aluminum, chrome, gel coats, and clear coats.

Wax Replacement with Hose End Sprayer

After washing, protect your vehicle's finish with the Wax Replacement solution and its convenient hose-end sprayer.

This spray-on, rinse-off product creates a hydrophobic barrier, promoting superior water beading and a brilliant shine on paint, plastics, and metals. Simply spray it over your freshly washed car, let it dwell briefly, and rinse for a long-lasting protective layer.

The Gauntlet Drying Towel

Ensure a streak-free, spot-free finish with The Gauntlet Drying Towel from The Rag Company. This highly absorbent towel features a patented twist-loop hybrid design that outperforms traditional microfiber drying towels. It's remarkable water-wicking capabilities make drying your vehicle a breeze.

The Cyclone Ultra Wash Mitt

Complete your wash process with The Cyclone Ultra Wash Mitt, also from The Rag Company. This plush microfiber mitt boasts an ultra-soft exterior and a proprietary gauntlet weave lining that enhances grip and sudsy liquid retention.

When combined with the lubricating car wash soap sheets, you'll achieve a scratch-free, swirl-free clean every time.

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