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Truck Cleaning Kits By Image Wash Products

Truck Cleaning Kit

High-quality wash product bundles, perfect for washing any car, truck, RV, or equipment! Carefully curated by master detailers who demand perfection. Guaranteed to give you the best washing experience while also being 100% polish safe.


You are proud of your truck, inside and out. You are a truck owner and you understand that it takes effort to maintain a healthy truck. But effort doesn't have to mean extra expenses. Nor does it have to be tiring and take up all your free time.

With the right truck cleaning supplies in your hand, you can make sure your rig is not only looking top shape, but operating as well as it should.

We understand that every truck is unique and that every truck or driver takes care of their ride a bit differently. For that reason, we offer options when it comes to the truck wash products we provide. Whether you're looking for a spray on rinse off car wax, an Ultimate Interior Care Package, or even a detailing kit because you're ready to tackle it all, we have options for you.

Not only do we offer a variety of individual commercial truck wash supplies, but we also offer truck wash bundles, so that you can get everything you need in a convenient truck cleaning kit.


As specific or as broad as your truck cleaning needs are, we have a truck cleaning kit that will get the job done. For example, the Foam Cannon and Wax Replacement truck wash kit is a popular item. This handy kit enables you to clean your truck with minimal effort and time thanks to the foam cannon, which comes with a pressure washer option if need be. 

Another popular semi-truck cleaning supply kit is our Complete Wash and Wax Foam Kit. This kit comes with such truck washing tools as a Foam Cannon, Wash & Wax remover, Bug Remover, with additional options available.

As you can see, you have come to the right place for acquiring the proper truck cleaning kit to suit your needs. And while no maintenance needs should be considered ‚Äúsmall,‚ÄĚ there are definitely truck wash kits that are more focused on particular detailing or cleaning tasks. However, if you are looking to really get after your truck, we offer the Big Boss Detailing Kit, which is exactly like it sounds.¬†

The Big Boss detailing truck wash kit has everything you need. From an impressive selection of hardware and accessories (IK Foam Pro 2, IK Trigger Sprayer, Microfibers, Gauntlet Drying Towel, Detail Brushes, and more) to its truck wash cleaning chemicals (All Purpose Degreaser, Iron Remover, Glass Cleaner, Wash & Wax, and more), and not to mention the option for additional foam cannons, you can see why this truck wash bundle is the only one you need.

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We provide an assortment of truck wash cleaners, truck washing tools, and truck washing kits to suit your needs, whatever those needs may be. Additionally, we are happy to help you find the right truck wash product that works for you, and for your vehicle.

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