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When it comes to keeping your rig clean and looking tip top, we got the goods you need. Whether you are the operator of a commercial truck, an RV, or maybe you are just looking to maintain that heavy duty personal ride, we are a one-stop shop.

We specialize in truck wash soaps and commercial truck wash chemicals that are designed to clean polished aluminum, chrome, and stainless without etching, whitening, streaking, or brightening. We are an American based company located in Michigan, and we want to partner with you to provide your heavy duty truck wash soap, and keep your rig looking like it belongs on the road.


Not sure where to start? We're here to take the guess work out of the equation. Browse our selection of kits hand crafted by professional truck wash and detailing experts.

This is the best way to give yourself the items you need without having to second guess the approach. Whether you are in need of Wax Replacement, brushless truck wash soap, RV wash soap, or maybe you are in the market for an interior detailer gift pack, a bundle might be the best approach for you.


Truck wash soaps that are safe on polished aluminum, chrome, and stainless. Our full line of detailing & truck wash chems has everything you need to keep your rig looking perfect. And what’s more, we offer the best truck wash soaps for not only the exterior of your ride, but the interior as well. We want to see those rigs looking sharp inside and out.

When it comes to exterior commercial truck wash soaps, we offer the best around. In particular, we pride ourselves on our foam cannon Wax Replacement, which has consistently been a top seller, impressing drivers, and putting our name on the map in a big way. Whether you are looking to foam it on or use a pump sprayer, you won’t be disappointed by the supreme water bedding and protection it provides.


Professional grade foam cannons, guns, sprayers, and full lances designed to work with your wash setup. Whether you're working with a garden hose or a pressure washer, we've got you covered.


Make it easy by creating a business account with us. Get a custom quote for your business here. This account will provide you access to the commercial truck wash chemicals you need by the barrel or tote, which will save you money per gallon.

We also offer full wash systems through this program, which include pressure washers, soap injection systems, and metered tips for proper soap dilution (leading to less waste). And this is all tailored to our customer’s unique setup and equipment.


Visit our YouTube channel for product tutorials, pro tips, wash demos, product reviews, and video versions of our Keep On Truckin' podcast. We take suggestions from our community to product content you'll actually enjoy. Got suggestions? Send them to help@washproduct.com

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Not only do we carry products that won’t damage your materials, but our company started as a metal polishing shop for big rigs and RVs. So we have the experience, and know what it takes to safely clean shiny polished metals.

We also pride ourselves on our top notch customer service, and can be reached via phone, email, social media, and available to chat on our website during. But customer service doesn’t end with a purchase or an account opening.

We see customer service as a relationship because we want you to be satisfied. That’s why we provide 30 day money back guarantees on chemicals (except 5 gallon quantities), even if they’ve been used. Now that is a deal you aren’t going to find from most chemical companies anywhere.