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Man pressure washing his truck.

8 Pro Tips for Keeping Your Semi Truck Interior Clean and Tidy

Driving a semi truck is a tough job and usually comes with long hours and quick meals on the go. It doesn’t take long for crumbs, spills, and trash to make your truck’s interior dirty.

Though cleaning your semi truck interior may seem like a chore, keeping your cab clean allows you to find everything you may need during your drive.

Here are eight essential tips for semi truck interior cleaning.

1. Clear Out Trash Frequently

Letting trash accumulate is the fastest way to make your truck look and feel less than ideal. Get in the habit of checking for and removing trash every time you pull your truck over.

Have a small trash bag handy to collect wrappers, bottles, bags, and other debris. Taking just a minute to tidy up helps prevent permanent stains or corrosion from spills.

2. Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming is essential for keeping floors and upholstery clean. Use vacuum attachments to reach tight spaces around and under seats, behind pedals, and on the dashboard. And don’t forget to remove your floor mats!

Make sure to take out your mats, shake them out, and vacuum underneath them too. Depending on what you’re hauling, you may want to get in the habit of taking your boots off and switching into sneakers in between stops.

3. Deal With Stains Quickly

On fabric upholstery, carpet, and other surfaces, lifting stains immediately gives the best chance for removal.

Keep a stain remover like an upholstery cleaner on hand to treat spills as soon as they happen.

Once pulled over, thoroughly apply the cleaning product to the stained area, let it soak in for the recommended time, and scrub clean. Allow the area to fully dry to prevent mold growth.

4. Clean and Treat Leather

Clean leather gently to avoid scratches by using soft towels and vacuum attachments. Condition leather seats regularly with a leather treatment product to keep them supple and protected.

Test cleaners and treatments first on an inconspicuous area to ensure they don’t discolor or damage the leather.

5. Wipe Down Hard Surfaces

Dashboard components, door panels, storage bins, and other hard surfaces also need regular cleaning. Remove loose dirt by gently brushing or vacuuming. Then wipe down with a high-quality interior detailer and a soft cloth. Use minimal pressure to prevent scratching and consider using a high gloss protectant to guard against scratches and damage.

6. Replace Air Filters

Breathing stale, dirty air affects your comfort and hurts your health. Replace the cabin air filter as often as specified by your truck’s manual.

Write the replacement date on the new filter as a handy reminder. Replacing filters on schedule keeps your truck’s interior smelling fresh.

7. Deep Clean Window Glass

Keeping windows clear maximizes visibility and safety. Frequent wiping with glass cleaner removes surface dirt, but occasionally windows need a deeper clean.

Use a dedicated glass cleaning product without ammonia, as this can evaporate and streak. And don’t use newspaper on tinted windows, as it can scrub off the tinting.

8. Consider Hiring Out Sometime

While regular cleaning maintenance prevents the worst buildup, semi truck interiors still benefit from occasional professional detailing.

A thorough interior steam cleaning every 6-12 months blasts away stubborn grime and freshens the cabin. Detailing a semi truck can cost around $200 but help your truck look its best.

Frequently Asked Questions About Semi Detailing

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get about cleaning a semi truck interior.

How do I clean my truck like a pro?

First of all, it’s essential to have the best semi truck interior cleaning products. You never want to use something intended for the outside of the truck because it could damage the dash, upholstery, or carpet.

If you’re not sure about what products you need, feel free to contact us.

Should you wash under your truck?

Road grime, dirt, salt, and other debris can accumulate underneath over time so it’s important to wash the undercarriage regularly.

Final Thoughts

Semi truck interior cleaning is just as important as keeping the outside looking shiny and clean. With a clean interior, you can be sure nothing gets lost and you feel more comfortable driving and sleeping inside the cab.

Remember it’s an extension of your home so treat it the same as you would with your house. Be sure to only use high-quality cleaning products on your baby! Shop our Interior Cleaners & Dressings!

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