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Prep/Wash/Protect Bundle

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Foam Cannon Style

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What's Included

(1) Wax Replacement - 32oz
(1) Platinum Wash - 1 Gallon
(1) Bug Remover - 32oz
(1) Cyclone Wash Mitt
(2) Wide based pressure washer foam cannon OR (2) premium garden hose foamers (depending on which option you choose)

Microfiber Care Guide

1. Before you use your microfiber towels for the first time, make sure to wash them to remove any loose fibers from factory production.
2. You should always wash newer red, orange, and black colored towels separately from light colored towels. You don't want your colors bleeding. 
You may already know that washing your microfibers before first use is recommended. But you may be surprised by how you're supposed to be washing them. 
Quick Cleaning - for lightly soiled microfibers:
You can hand wash your towels with warm water and a mild clean-rinsing liquid soap. Clean-rinsing liquid soaps easily rinse out without leaving behind any residue. Make sure to rinse extremely well, until all soap residue is gone and the only thing coming out of your microfiber is water. 

Deep Clean - for heavily soiled microfibers:
All of the towels we carry from The Rag Company are machine washable, so you don't need to wash them by hand! Just keep in mind that you don't want to exceed 140° F (60° C) or you risk melting the fibers. Damaging these fibers can make your towels less effective or worse, completely useless. Especially after many washes. We also recommend keeping your dirty microfibers separate from your other laundry pile. That'll make the next step easier.
1. ONLY run them through the washer with other non-linting fabrics (Definitely don't wash them with cotton!) - Washing micros without other types of fabric helps to maintain the integrity of the towels, which helps to keep their dirt and water gripping properties. Oh, and keeps them lint free! Microfiber is designed to grab and hold onto lint, which is why you should avoid mixing them in with your other laundry.
2. Machine wash with warm water and avoid using hot water. 
3. Make sure to use a liquid detergent that is clean-rinsing, mild, and as free of perfumes and dyes as possible. Strong scents used in most detergents can actually coat the fibers of the cloth, which reduces their ability to pick up and grip dust/dirt.
4. Don't use any fabric softener or chlorine bleach. Fabric softener can clog the fibers and reduce their overall performance. Bleach prematurely breaks down the fibers and kills the electrical charge in the towel that is so crucial to their performance.
5. The best way to dry your microfibers is to hang them up to dry outside or inside with plenty of air circulation. If using a machine dryer, make sure to clean out your lint trap thoroughly before loading it up! Dry only with LOW or NO HEAT. You should skip the dryer sheets, as even some of the best out there can clog the towel's fibers.
I'm not sure if anyone actually irons their microfibers, but if you do, you should stop. Ironing microfibers actually melts the fibers. Oh no!

If you are looking to jump right into our "PREP - WASH - PROTECT" system for your vehicle, this is the perfect bundle for you! Featuring our premium bug remover for prepping, Platinum Wash soap for washing, and Wax Replacement for protection after the wash! Combine those with a foam cannon for easy soap application and a wool wash mitt to wash the surface with minimal abrasion! 


Together these are a great combo for getting any vehicle cleaned easier and quicker! Simply foam the soap onto your vehicle, brush or mitt it down, and rinse away! Foam gives you longer dwell time for your soap which means it has more time to do its job and you have more time to work in the sun without it drying! Also foam gets in nooks and crannies better! 

Included Hardware / Accessories
Cyclone Wash Mitt- (1 Pack)
2x Foam Cannons - Your choice of pressure washer or garden hose versions.

Included Chemicals
Bug Remover - Quart
Platinum Wash
 - Gallon
Wax Replacement - Quart

Bug Remover:

Safe on all surfaces and incredibly effective, our Bug Remover allows you to transform your bug covered vehicle into something spotless with minimal effort. With this fast-acting alkaline solution, you can watch those unsightly bug-remains slide right off while rinsing. And since we premixed this from a concentrate, it’s ready to use straight from the bottle. Simply spray some onto any surface, let it sit for 1-2 minutes, and rinse with water as necessary to get that bug-free paint you’ve been waiting for. We also recommend using this bug remover in a standard pump sprayer to achieve the same results as you'd get with the 32oz spray bottle. Since this is ready to use, we do not recommend putting this in a foam cannon, as that will further dilute the product.
Bug Remover On Semi Truck Grill

Platinum Wash - Detailer Grade Soap:

Platinum Wash is a time-tested soap formulation that’s proven to rapidly penetrate and lift even the toughest gunk and grime from your vehicle without stripping away the existing wax protection. This deluxe, concentrated neutral pH soap formula is remarkably effective at leaving a brilliant clean & shine while remaining gentle enough for even the highest quality paint jobs, all without leaving spots or streaks. Simply mix 1-2 ounces of this concentrate with each gallon of water to produce rich, lathery suds that are simply a joy to wash with. Use Platinum Wash in a foam cannon to maximize surface area coverage with ease.
Platinum Wash producing thick suds on a Volvo Semi Truck

Wax Replacement - America's #1 Foamable Coating:

Our #1 selling product and an absolute fan favorite.
Protect your vehicle with our foam-on wax replacement! Simply foam it on (or use pump sprayer) and rinse it off to get supreme water beading and protection! Not some imitation snake oil this stuff is the real deal.

This stuff performs just like a ceramic coating or hand wax without all the effort! 

Water Beads

 Check Out Our Full Wash Process

Image Wash Products (Formerly Reflections Wash Products)
Invisishield spray and protect