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Car Wax Replacement (Foam-on/Rinse-Off Coating)

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Why Wax Replacement

It is no secret that wax replacements (and our Image wax replacement in particular) have been gaining popularity over traditional wax. There are many reasons for this transition. Mostly, it comes from the simplicity of the products, and its ease of use. When using a spray foam wax replacement, you will see the simplicity (and effectiveness!) that it offers right away. This stuff performs just like a ceramic coating or hand wax without all the effort!

Reasons you'll love our Wax Replacement:

- Easy to use in the garage of your own home
- Continues to protect the surface of your vehicle for
over 30 days
- Helps protect surfaces from contaminants (salt,
dirt, etc) and UV rays
- Immediately enhances gloss and shine
- The most effective way to wax your big rig/farm
equipment/RV/or other large equipment faster than
ever before!
- Repels rain and ice, which can improve visibility
while on the road
- The #1 rated foam-on wax replacement - not some
imitation snake oil


While containers of Image wax replacement come complete with directions on the label (which you should read before using the product at home), the simple steps can be summed in here:

FOR FOAM CANNONS: Add 4-8oz of concentrate to your foam cannon and dilute the rest of the way with water.
FOR PUMP SPRAYERS: Add 4-8oz of concentrate per gallon of water
1. Wash and rinse the vehicle first. This is crucial, and should not be skipped. By washing the washing vehicle first, you prevent your foam-on wax from getting caught up in any dirt or grime on your vehicle and garners the best results overall. If unsure what type of car wash to use, consider a foam car wash.
2. While surfaces are still wet from the rinse water, foam or pump spray the mixture onto the entire surface. It is important that your wax foam or wax foam replacement are evenly spread across the surface of the vehicle.
3. Rinse thoroughly. The job is not done until the foaming wax has been rinsed away entirely. After all, the product is referred to as spray on rinse off car wax, and both the spray and the rinse are equally important to the overall process.
4. Squeegee, towel, or blow dry to remove water beads. Don't want to dry it? Do your final rinse with deionized water and then allow the vehicle to air dry spot free.
PRO-TIP: Using a leaf blower to dry is the most efficient and friction-free option for drying.

While those steps represent the long and short of the overall process, there are some considerations to keep top of mind, which can be found here:

**Do not allow the product to dry on surfaces before rinsing.
**If you do not follow the drying steps above and choose to allow hard water to dry on your surface, you will be left with hard water spots. These hard mineral spots come from your water, not the product. Always make sure to dry your vehicle.
**Discard diluted solution after 5 days.


Keeping your rig looking like new is desirable for many drivers. Whether you are behind the wheel for your daily job, or you just take your weekend ride seriously, there is no reason not to keep it in top shape.

And this doesn’t just mean checking the oil, maintaining tire balance, or any other number of regular maintenance requirements. It means making sure your rig looks sleek and clean, and is protected from the elements, which can be achieved quite simply with spray on rinse off car wax or wax replacement.

Keeping your vehicle waxed shouldn’t be a chore, nor should it be a serious time commitment. And thanks to our foaming car wax and foamable wax replacement, the process can be simple and smooth.

And if you are new to the world of foaming car wax, then you might not be aware of the benefits of such products, or the benefits of wax replacements, which have gained popularity over the years for being durable and reliable.

Overall, when it comes to the best foam wax or wax replacement, you have come to the right place.

America's #1 Rated Foamable Wax Replacement!


Protect your vehicle from the elements with the ultimate foam cannon wax replacement! You might ask yourself, “Is it really that easy to use foam-on wax by myself?” The answer is yes. Simply foam it on (or use a pump sprayer if you are going with a spray foam wax, which is becoming the increasingly popular route for applying foaming car wax) and rinse it off to get supreme water beading and protection!

Protecting your investment has never been this easy. We're so confident you'll love it that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try it out for yourself with no risk to your wallet. You'll be impressed. If for some reason you're not, no worries at all, just give us a call and we'll always make it right.

Just check out some of the verified purchase reviews on this page to see how other skeptics were BLOWN AWAY by the results.  

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Get the Right Image Wax Replacement for Your Vehicle Today!

Spray on rinse off car wax is a simple and effective way to keep your ride looking shiny and new, not to mention protecting its exterior from the elements. Buy your Image wax replacement today.

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