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Bug Remover

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Why Bug Remover

A great addition to everyone’s washing arsenal, this is not something you want to miss out on!

- Use it on any surface of your vehicle without any
worry including polished aluminum and hot surfaces; will not cause flashing
- Contains high-quality detergents and mild solvents that soften and lift gunk, grime, bug remains, bird droppings, and more
- Works by safely breaking down the proteins in bug remains rather than using harsh caustic chemicals
- Features a subtle yet pleasurable scent
- Easy to use: simply spray it on and rinse it off; stubborn or sun-baked bugs may require high pressure rinse or additional scrubbing
- Biodegradable; environmentally friendly
- Hard water tolerant
- Does not contain phosphates, silicates, or APE/NPE/OPE surfactants, petroleum solvents


For use on modern clear coat finishes only. Extremely hot surfaces should be cooled or sprayed with water before applying. Apply evenly or spray from the bottom moving up to avoid causing spots, streaks, or runs. Do not allow to dry on vehicle- rinse off completely. Use caution on heavily oxidized surfaces, as this product will remove it or could create further damage.

Did you know that bug guts are extremely acidic and can eat through your paint's clear coat if left to fester. The secret? A quality bug remover that breaks down bug proteins and neutralizes the acidity to protect your paint job.  Safe and effective on all surfaces, including polished aluminum! Our Bug Remover allows you to transform your bug covered vehicle into something spotless with minimal effort.

With this fast-acting alkaline solution, bug remains don't stand a chance. It’s ready to use straight from the bottle. Simply spray some onto any surface, let it sit for 1-2 minutes, gently brush/mitt clean, and rinse!

Our bug remover works great in a standard pump sprayer too! Since this is ready to use, we do not recommend using it in a foam cannon, as that will further dilute the product.
Bug Remover in front of semi truck and trailer during a beautiful sunset

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