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Wash and Wax - Detailer Grade Soap

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Bucket Wash: 1-3 oz per to a 5 gallon bucket of water.

Foam Cannon: Follow dilution ratio advised on your foamer.

*Can be used in warm or cold water. Best performance if used with warm softened water.

Our detailer grade Wash & Wax is a concentrated soap infused with carnauba wax. Protecting your paint job and cleaning your surface all in one high quality soap. Bring life back to your car and paint surface today!
  • Biodegradable
  • Enhances vehicle's gloss and shine
  • Foams up nicely with a foam cannon
  • Amazing cherry scent to make your wash even more enjoyable!

The Slick Suds of Wash & Wax

Thick suds = more slippery surface = less scratches and swirls when using a brush or hand mitt. 

Wash & Wax being foamed onto a silver truck by Chase 24VCustoms

 Developed in the car wash and professional detailer industry. Our soap has been tested on literally millions of cars over the last decade, and tweaked until it was the absolute best it can be. It won’t remove your existing wax protection, and will not leave streaks or spots behind. 

 Trucks lining up to be washed with Image Wash Products

 Designed to bond with, and lift dirt & grime from your surface through science (soap is positively charged, dirt & grime is negatively charged).

 Wash & Wax on a Ferrari

**Note: This is not a brushless/touchless soap. This is a high lubricity detailing soap meant to be used with a brush or wash mitt. 

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Image Wash Products (Formerly Reflections Wash Products)