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4 Soap Wash System

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Are you a serious washer frustrated by how long it takes for the whole wash process with buckets, brushes, foam cannons, etc? Do you want to bring the truck wash to you? Then our turnkey 4 Soap Wash System is the solution! 

Washing is faster and easier than ever with this system. No more measuring soap, refilling foam cannons, changing tips/attachments. An ALL IN ONE TURNKEY system to help you operate at maximum efficiency and provide top of the line results. 


  • Faster than bucket and brush washing to save you time
  • Soap consistently metered/diluted and foamed to save you money
  • Can pull soap directly from bulk containers
  • No extra steps with buckets, foam cannons, bottles of soap

What's Included:

  1. ST-164 Dual Injector with 2 Metering soap boxes
  2. The Foaminator Wash/Rinse Lance
  3. Stainless J hooks for wall mount storage of Foaminator (2 hooks)
  4. Jumper Hose for pressure washer - 12 Foot (for injector inlet) 
  5. Braided 1/4" soap hose for drawing soap - (1) 40 foot roll 
  6. Premium soap draw tubes with mesh screen (4 draw tubes, 5 through 275 gallon sizes available) 
  7. Metering tips for precisely diluting your soap (4 bags of 8 pcs) 
  8. Foam nozzle for Foaminator customized for your GPM and PSI (1 Nozzle)
  9. Meg/Rinse tip for Foaminator customized for your GPM and PSI (1 Tip)

4 soap wash system included item list

How It Connects To Your Existing Setup:

These systems are custom calibrated to match the GPM and PSI of your pressure washer to provide optimal performance. Image Wash Products will call you after placing your order to get the specifications from your pressure washer prior to building your system. The system works with most units between 2-6GPM. Please have your specifications ready after placing your order.

The system is nearly plug-and-play, with just a few simple steps to get started:

1. Connect the inlet of the injector to your pressure washer using our included 12ft jumper hose

2. Connect the outlet of the injector to your existing pressure washer line or hose reel. 

3. Connect the premium foam gun to the end of your hose, replacing your existing gun. The gun ships with a 3/8" male plug so you will either need a 3/8" female socket on your hose, or you will need to hard pipe it. Most local hardware stores carry all the required quick connects. 

Recommended Soap Selection:

For most road vehicles, having a strong and efficient brush protocol is the first and most important thing. Even if you plan on using the touchless maintenance washes as part of your wash program, you will NEED a brush option for those times that it's been more than a week since your last wash. We also recommend a periodic brush wash so that you can apply the wax replacement for long lasting protection and an easier wash next time. 

Soap 1: Platinum Wash 

Soap 2: Wax Replacement 

To compliment your brush protocol, we recommend having Touchless 2 step maintenance soaps as part of your wash routine as well. This is for your mid week wash and best used when the truck was last washed within 5 days. It can turn a 3 hour brush wash job into a 45 minute Touchless Wash, and very importantly it neutralizes the PH of your surface; so any type of corrosion causing elements such as salt are no longer corrosive. 

Soap 3: Touchless Maintenance Wash Step 1

Soap 4: Touchless Maintenance Wash Step 2

All of our chemicals are available in larger sized quantities including 55 gallon drums, but we always recommend starting with a 5 gallon container to test out the product first. 


*The videos below feature our dual soap injector system which is very similar but can only handle 2 soaps. Updated videos coming soon!