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High Gloss Protectant

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*Shake well before using
*Prepare surface. Remove dirt, oil, and grease. Dry Surface
*Test spray on inconspicuous area or scrap piece to check compatibility
*Hold can 10" - 12" from surface. Use a stroking motion. Apply two or more coats rather than one heavy coat. For best results, apply at tempuratures between 70 - 80 degrees F.
*Polish surface, if desired, using a soft cloth/microfiber after allowing spray to dry a few minutes

If you're going for that "wet & shiny" look, this is the dressing for you! Our High Gloss Protectant restores the luster of your vehicle's vinyl, plastic, and rubber instantly. You can use it on your interior or exterior. Just make sure not to spray it anywhere you don't want to be slippery, this stuff is slick!

  • Quickly and easily spray on a “wet” looking high shine coating.
  • V-nozzle spray evenly coats plastic-vinyl trim, wheel wells and tires.
  • Long-lasting high gloss shine 
  • Cherry scented
  • Popular with ATV enthusiasts to prevent mud buildup.
  • Warning!  Flammable spray. Not paint shop safe (contains silicone).  Do not apply to glass or high gloss surfaces.  Use on plastic, vinyl or rubber only.

High Gloss Protectant applied to an off-road tire.