Foam on/Rinse Off Wax Replacement From Image Wash Products - Wax Alternative
Wax Replacement Rear Label
Wax Replacement - 1 Gallon - Image Wash Products
Wax Replacement - 4oz Sample Size
Foaming On Wax Replacement By Image Wash Products On A Peterbilt Semi Truck
Load image into Gallery viewer, Foam on/Rinse Off Wax Replacement From Image Wash Products - Wax Alternative
Load image into Gallery viewer, Wax Replacement Rear Label
Load image into Gallery viewer, Wax Replacement - 1 Gallon - Image Wash Products
Load image into Gallery viewer, Wax Replacement - 4oz Sample Size
Load image into Gallery viewer, Foaming On Wax Replacement By Image Wash Products On A Peterbilt Semi Truck

Wax Replacement (Foam-on/Rinse-Off Coating)

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 America's #1 Favorite Foamable Wax Replacement!

Protect your vehicle from the elements with the ultimate foam cannon wax replacement!  Simply foam it on (or use pump sprayer) and rinse it off to get supreme water beading and protection! 

Protecting your investment has never been this easy. We're so confident you'll love it that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try it out for yourself with no risk to your wallet. You'll be impressed. If for some reason you're not, no worries at all, just give us a call and we'll always make it right.

Just check out some of the verified purchase reviews on this page to see how other skeptics were BLOWN AWAY by the results. 

Need bulk? Click here to view 5 Gallon Pricing

This stuff performs just like a ceramic coating or hand wax without all the effort

Reasons you'll love our Wax Replacement:

  • Continues to protect the surface of your vehicle for over 30 days
  • Helps protect surfaces from contaminants (salt, dirt, etc) and UV rays
  • Immediately enhances gloss and shine
  • The most effective way to wax your big rig/farm equipment/RV/or other large equipment faster than ever before!
  • Repels rain and ice, which can improve visibility while on the road
  • Washing your vehicle in the future is much easier!  

FOR FOAM CANNONS: Add 4-8oz of concentrate to your foam cannon and dilute the rest of the way with water.
FOR PUMP SPRAYERS: Add 4-8oz of concentrate per gallon of water
1. Wash and rinse the vehicle first.
2. While surfaces are still wet from the rinse water, foam or pump spray the mixture onto the entire surface. 
4. Rinse off well (until hazy water mixture is completely gone)
5. Squeegee, towel, or blow dry to remove water beads. Don't want to dry it? Do your final rinse with deionized water and then allow to air dry spot free. 
PRO-TIP: Using a leaf blower to dry is the most efficient and friction-free option for drying.
**Do not allow product to dry on surfaces before rinsing.
**If you do not follow the drying steps above and choose to allow hard water to dry on your surface, you will be left with hard water spots. These hard mineral spots come from your water, not the product. Always make sure to try your vehicle.

**Discard diluted solution after 5 days.


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Subscription Delivery:

We now offer an easy to use subscription service. You select the interval at which you'd like your product to be delivered conveniently to your door. After your first order, the product you selected will be 10% off in all subsequent orders with the subscription enabled. This discount is automatically applied and will be shown on the invoice you receive.

You will receive an email at the interval you chose when you setup your subscription asking you to complete your payment before we ship it out. This way, we can guarantee you won't be charged if you forget you signed up for it. Nobody likes having to call in and cancel a subscription they didn't mean to renew, so we've got you covered and will never auto charge your card. 

·Read Material Safety Data Sheet Before Using·

We also offer 55 gallon drums. 
Contact us via email or phone to order.
Image Wash Products (Formerly Reflections Wash Products)
wash@washproduct.com or 616-777-7175
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