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Touchless Car/Truck Wash Soap

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What To Expect From Any 2-Step Soap

Touchless/Brushless truck wash soaps, whether it's our product or a competitor’s, do not get your surface 100% clean. We tested several top competitor's 2-step touchless truck wash soaps alongside ours and determined both leave about 10% road film that you can only see up close when you run your finger through it. This is expected behavior for 2-step in general. This is because these types of touchless truck wash soap products are meant to be used for maintenance washes between your normal brush/mitt wash. They are not meant to completely replace washing with a brush/mitt. You can minimize the amount of road film left behind by making sure your surface is protected with some type of wax protection like our Wax Replacement.


Before you begin, there are a few factors to take into consideration. For instance, if this is your first touchless wash ever and it's been more than 7 days since your last wash, you will want to brush/mitt wash. After that first good brush/mitt wash, we strongly recommend using our foam-on Wax Replacement coating. These critical steps will help you achieve the best results with touchless washes going forward. 
1. (Optional Step) For extra cleaning power, pre-soak your surface with Bug Remover or Degreaser to help cut through extra road film.
2. Dilute in foam cannon - 1 part soap to 1 parts water (50% chemical | 50% water)
3. Apply touchless truck wash soaps from bottom up and allow each soap to dwell for at least 1 minute before the next step.
4. Foam Touchless 1 onto your surface
5. Foam Touchless 2 overtop of Touchless 1
6. High pressure rinse the entire surface, and make sure to keep the wand 6-12" away while maintaining a 90 degree contact angle with your surface
7. Rinse thoroughly making sure to overlap rinse patterns. It helps to go both left and right and up and down with your rinses for maximum coverage.

TIPS: Use a 40 degree (white colored) tip for rinsing. Use with water no hotter than 130 degrees so it does not break down chemical composition. Try to keep surfaces out of direct sunlight and cool before applying product. If sunlight is unavoidable work in small sections to ensure chemicals do not dry on surface. Adjust dilution knob on foam cannon to produce wet foam when working in dry/sunny conditions so appropriate dwell time can be reached before rinsing chemicals from the surface.

Our Recommended Weekly Wash Process

Detailed Wash - We use our full prep/wash/protect process once per week. Start with bug remover to pre-soak bug remains and heavy road grime. Then we foam on some Platinum Wash soap and scrub the surface clean. After scrubbing, rinse thoroughly. Once the surface is 100% cleaned, we apply a coating of Invisishield (our foam on wax replacement) & rinse off.

2-Step - Between detailed washes, we use Touchless 1 & 2 to neutralize road salt/grime and help keep the surface clean and free of extra build up.

Other Recommendations & Requirements

While this touchless truck wash soap approach is straightforward and will garner you preferable results, there are additional considerations to keep in mind when washing or rinsing your ride.
* Use a 40-65 degree tip for rinsing
* Use with water no hotter than 130 degrees (anything hotter will break down the touchless truck wash chemicals and make them less effective)
* A pressure washer is required
* Minimum recommended specs 2200 PSI & 3.5 GPM
* **IMPORTANT: If using a spigot to dispense Touchless 1, make sure it's plastic. Low pH solutions will slowly eat through soft metals over extended periods of time. This also includes metal components of foam cannon heads. To prolong the life of your foam cannons, we recommend running a small amount of Touchless 2 or other high pH solution through it to neutralize Touchless 1.

Cost Breakdown

In addition to personal habits and preferences, there are also costs to consider when it comes to the best touchless truck wash soap for you. So let’s take a look at the cost breakdown a bit:
* Touchless 1 & 2 gallons - $109.99  
* 1 gallon fills 12.5 foam cannons 
* 1 set of foam cannons = $8.80 to fill up 
* Passenger Vehicles: <1/4 Foam Cannons (<$2.20/wash)
* Daycab/Sleeper: 1/4 Foam Cannons ($2.20/wash)
* Truck & Trailer: About 1/2 foam cannons ($4.40/wash)
* Larger Equipment: Full Foam Cannons ($8.79/wash)
Plus all these savings...
* Saving time not waiting in line at truck wash 
* Saving time and money not going out of your way to a truck wash 
* Saving time not pulling out bucket and brush 
* Can wash a cab with a sleeper in 35 minutes.

This ain’t your every day 2-step wash. You know that feeling you get when you pull out of the truck wash and see streaks or whitening all over your expensive polished aluminum? Yeah, we know, it’s THE WORST. Lucky for you, we’ve spent decades polishing aluminum and know exactly what it takes to protect your polished metals and keep it clean WITHOUT streaking/brightening/whitening. 

That’s where Touchless 1 & 2 comes to the rescue, the best touchless truck wash soap on the market. It’s time to skip the sketchy truck wash with their mystery chemicals and start saving time & money by washing it yourself with our touchless truck wash soap.

So what is so great about our touchless truck wash soap?

Let’s break it down a bit:

  • Specially formulated organic acids guaranteed not to harm your aluminum
  • Fast/Easy/Effective maintenance wash between brush washes
  • Safe on all vehicle surfaces
  • Gets your surface 90% clean (when used correctly)
  • Concentrated soap - you’re not getting some watered down formula
  • Biodegradable

And just like every truck is unique, every truck owner is unique in how they care for their vehicle as well. We respect that, and because of this, maybe you're asking yourself, "Is this the best truck washing soap for me?" We have laid out a few scenarios to help you answer that question:

  • If you wash weekly and are planning to use this between regular hand washes: Yes, this is a great maintenance truck wash soap option for you.
  • If you have a wax/ceramic coated vehicle and want a frictionless way to wash: Yes, this is a great touchless truck maintenance wash soap for you. 
  • If you run your equipment hard and haven't washed in more than a week: No, this is not the best truck washing soap for you. You're going to need to hand wash.
  • If you only have a garden hose and don't have a pressure washer: This truck wash soap is not for you, you'll need to hand wash. 

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Take care of your ride with Touchless 1 and 2, the best touchless truck wash soap around!