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Single Soap Wash System

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Our single soap wash system is a great foot in the door to downstream injection. No more filling up foam cannons, instead have your chemical injected right into your lines at the perfect ratio for a fast and enjoyable washing experience. Produces super sudsy foam that'll cling to your surface and maximize your chemical's working time. An ALL IN ONE device to help you operate at maximum efficiency and provide top of the line results. You can pair your single soap wash system with either our foaming nozzle (simply attach to your existing trigger) or our top of the line foaming lance we call "The Foaminator". 


Single Soap Wash System: The Foaminator

The Foaminator Foam/Rinse Lance

Pairing our Single Soap Wash System with our custom lance (The Foaminator) is the ultimate combo that will speed up your wash time saving you time and money. Make swapping attachments, dealing with foam cannons, and using buckets a thing of the past.

What's Included:

  1. The Foaminator Wash/Rinse Lance
  2. ST-160 single injector
  3. Stainless J hooks for wall mounting storage of your gun (2 hooks)
  4. Braided soap hose (5 feet)
  5. Stainless MEG (rinse) tip custom fitted for your GPM / PSI (1 tip)
  6. Internal foam nozzle custom fitted for your GPM / PSI (1 nozzle)
  7. Premium soap draw tubes with mesh screen (1 draw tube)
  8. Metering tips for precisely diluting your soap (1 bag 8 pc)

Foaminator Single Injection System

Please note Image Wash Products will call you after placing your order to get information such as PSI and GPM from your pressure washer prior to building your order. These injectors and foam heads are custom built to work optimally with your exact pressure washer so we will need specifications to proceed with building your system.


Suttner ST-160 Single Soap Injector

How It Works:

Thanks to science these downstream injectors change the pressure in the lines which draw soap right out of the bottle straight into your selected gun and comes out perfectly diluted every time. 

  1. 3/8" SS Male Plug
  2. 3/8" SS Female Socket
  3. Chemical Pick Up Tub Barb (Inlet)
  4. Dosing Nozzle

ST-160 Injector Graphic

Selecting Your Nozzle:

To do this you will need to select the orifice that is right for your pressure washer based on its PSI and GPM. Once you have your PSI/GPM you can use the chart below to select the right nozzle.

Calculate Your Nozzle Size

Image Wash Products (Formerly Reflections Wash Product)