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2x Foamers w/Platinum Wash & Wax Replacement (Gallons)

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What's Included

2x Foam Cannons (Either for Pressure Washers or Garden Hose)
1x Gallon of Platinum Wash
1x Gallon of Wax Replacement

No more messing around dumping leftover soaps out of your foam¬†cannon to put your other products in! Save time and product by having a foam¬†cannon for both your soap and your wax replacement! No more dumping out leftovers. ūüėé

Pressure Washer Foam Cannon
As a detail shop, we demand the best performance from a foam cannon. This is why we went through dozens of models before we settled on this work horse of a foamer. You'll love the adjustable fan pattern and soap dilution, complete with stainless steel hose fittings and a brass head component. The extra wide base means your foam gun won't tip over when empty, which is a huge deal if you've tried any of the other cheap cannons on the market. 

Perfect for use with our entire soap product line! 

Garden Hose Foam Cannon
Don't have a pressure washer but want to get in on the foaming craze everyone is talking about when washing their car or truck?

Well we have just the thing! This puppy can launch foam twice or more further than traditional garden hose foamers sold on online marketplaces. Made from all premium components and includes metering tips to dial your soap usage in to perfection and efficiency! 

When you're done soaping and brushing, just disconnect the soap bottle with convenient quick disconnect and begin spraying fresh water immediately from the trigger sprayer!

Launch soap to the top of your RV, Semi, or other piece of large equipment with ease! The canister holds 32oz of product which is more than enough to do several vehicles over and then some! 

*All claims are based on good wind and water pressure conditions*

Platinum Wash - Detailer Grade Soap
Platinum Wash is a time-tested soap formulation that’s proven to rapidly penetrate and lift even the toughest gunk and grime from your vehicle without stripping away the existing wax protection. This deluxe, concentrated neutral pH soap formula is remarkably effective at leaving a brilliant clean & shine while remaining gentle enough for even the highest quality paint jobs, all without leaving spots or streaks. Simply mix 1-2 ounces of this concentrate with each gallon of water to produce rich, lathery suds that are simply a joy to wash with.

Platinum Wash in front of clean vehicle

Wax Replacement

America's #1 Foamable Vehicle Protectant.
Protect your vehicle with our foam-on wax replacement! Simply foam it on (or use pump sprayer) and rinse it off to get supreme water beading and protection!

This stuff performs just like a ceramic coating or hand wax without all the effort! 

Reasons you'll love the Wax Replacement:

  • Continues to protect the surface of your vehicle for over 30 days
  • Helps protect¬†surfaces from contaminants (salt, dirt, etc) and UV rays
  • Immediately enhances gloss and shine
  • Repels rain and ice, which can improve visibility while on the road
  • Washing your vehicle in the future is much easier! ¬†
  • Not some imitation snake oil

  Invisishield spray and protect

Wax Replacement coated black SUV showing extreme water beading

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