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Complete Wash & Wax Foam Kit

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What's Included

*32oz Bug Remover
*Gallon of Wash & Wax
*16oz Wax Replacement
*Foam Cannon (Option for Garden Hose & Pressure Washer)

Level up your wash game with this new and improved bundle, packed with four top-of-the-line to help you prep/wash/protect like a pro. This bundle includes a quart of Bug Remover, gallon of Wash & Wax, and a 16oz bottle of our #1 selling product, Wax Replacement. Plus, your choice of foam cannon that will elevate you wash with super thick suds. Get ready to say goodbye to stubborn bugs, dirt, and grime and hello to a sparkling clean car that's protected against the elements.

Bug Remover

Say goodbye to those pesky bug remains that stick to your car's paint with minimal effort. This fast-acting alkaline solution works wonders and is safe to use on all surfaces. Plus, it comes premixed from a concentrate, so it's ready to use straight from the bottle. Simply spray it onto any surface, let it sit for 1-2 minutes, and rinse with water as necessary to get that bug-free paint you’ve been waiting for. We recommend using this bug remover in a standard pump sprayer to achieve the same results as you'd get with the 32oz spray bottle. But keep in mind, since this is ready to use, we do not recommend putting this in a foam cannon as that will further dilute the product.

Wash & Wax

This concentrated soap is the perfect solution to bring a brilliant shine to your ride while enhancing paint protection with carnauba wax. It's biodegradable, smells great, and is perfect for bringing life back to your car's paint surface. This time-tested formulation will clean any surface and deposit rich carnauba wax to leave a glossy shine and bead/repel water magnificently!

Thick suds mean more slippery surfaces, resulting in fewer scratches and swirls when using a brush or hand mitt. Our soap has been tested on literally millions of cars over the last decade and has been developed to be the absolute best it can be. It won’t remove your existing wax protection, and will not leave streaks or spots behind. Plus, it's designed to bond with and lift dirt & grime from your surface through science (soap is positively charged, dirt & grime is negatively charged).

Wax Replacement

Now, let's talk about the Wax Replacement. Protect your vehicle from the elements with the ultimate foam cannon wax replacement. It's easy to use in the garage of your own home and continues to protect the surface of your vehicle for over 30 days. Wax Replacement protect surfaces from contaminants (salt, dirt, etc) and UV rays, immediately enhances gloss and shine, and repels rain and ice, which can improve visibility while on the road. And the best part? It's the most effective way to wax your big rig/farm equipment/RV/or other large equipment faster than ever before! It performs just like a ceramic coating or hand wax without all the effort! Our Wax Replacement is the #1 rated foam-on wax replacement - not some imitation snake oil.
Water beading after Wax Replacement was applied to paint and polished aluminum

Foam Cannon
Finally, there's the Foam Cannon. You may choose to purchase this bundle with a pressure washer foam cannon or a garden hose cannon.

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