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Garden Hose Foam Cannon

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Keeping your ride clean doesn’t have to be a challenge, nor should it cost a bunch of money or time. There are many household washers that can do the trick, and many that can be hooked right to the end of your everyday garden hose. And if you don't have a pressure washer but want to get in on the foaming craze everyone is talking about when washing their car or truck, don’t worry.

Well we have just the thing! Introducing our foam cannon for your water hose! This puppy can be attached to the end of your water or garden hose without any difficulty, and can launch foam up to twice as far as those traditional garden hose foam guns sold online. Additionally, our garden hose foam cannon is the best because it also includes metering tips to dial in your soap usage to perfection and efficiency.

Here are a few components that make our garden hose foam cannon the best garden hose foam cannon you can find on the market:

Foam cannon for hose pieces explained in depth

The Best Foam Cannon for Your Garden Hose is the Simplest to Use

When you're done soaping and brushing, simply disconnect the soap bottle with convenient quick disconnect and begin spraying fresh water immediately from the trigger sprayer!

With our garden hose foam gun, you can launch soap to the top of your RV, Semi, or other piece of large equipment with ease! The canister holds 32oz of product, which is more than enough to do several vehicles over and then some!

TO ACHIEVE THE BEST FOAM: If you have not used a hose foam cannon before, then there are some considerations that are worth noting. For instance, if you are using a thicker soap, or using one of the dilution metering nozzles, or it is cold outside, you might find that traditional garden hose foam guns struggle to create the vacuum to pull this soap through the draw tube fast enough. SOLUTION: Mix water into the canister with your soap to make your soap more watery/viscous. This will help the garden hose foamer gun pull more soap and produce thicker richer foam.

The foam produced by this garden hose cannon is different than foam from a pressure washer foam cannon. Please checkout the videos below to see what type of foam it produces, and whether or not it is the best garden hose foam cannon option for you.

*All claims are based on good wind and water pressure conditions*

Image Wash Products (Formerly Reflections Wash Products)

Keep your ride clean with our garden hose foam cannon.