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IK Multi Pro 9 - 1.5 Gallon Acid Pump Up Sprayer

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Kit Includes

* (1) 4 1/2 foot section of reinforced hose
* (1) Large integrated funnel to facilitate filling
* (1) Safety valve set at 3 bar that can be depressurized and prevents direct contact with the gas
* (1) Belt to carry it on a shoulder strap
* (2) Spray nozzles (adjustable cone and fan)
* (1) Base for greater stability and foot support
* color cards to identify the contents of the tank
* (1) Stainless steel opening 
* (1) Closing handle with safety lock


Valve - Tared at 3 bar / 43,5 psi depressurizable with automatic depressurization option
Hose - 1.5 m / 59 inches
Standard nozzles - Adjustable conical nozzle and fan
Lance - 47 cm / 18,5 inches fibreglass
Useful capacity - 6l. - 1,58 U.S. Gals.
Total capacity - 8l. - 2,11 U.S. Gals.
Litres/Min. 3 bar - 0,7l/min - 0,18 gal/min
Gross weight - 2,71kg - 5,97 lbs.
Net weight - 2,33kg - 5,13 lbs.

The IK MULTI 9 sprayer offers a professional spraying solution to save you time when applying highly acidic chemicals to your surfaces. Great option for truck drivers looking to brighten large areas of aluminum like rails on a trailer or fuel tanks.

IK MULTI 9 is designed for maximum strength and versatility with the most aggressive chemicals.

The seals and materials of IK Multi Pro 9 are particularly resistant to most acids, solvents and disinfectants.

The Multi Pro family is the result of the knowledge gained from years of experience in the design and manufacture of professional sprayers, combining the most innovative features in the field of safety, ergonomics and functionality.