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Iron Remover

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Why Iron Remover

With us, you get a 32oz bottle of the straight concentrate for only $29.99. Since our formula is more potent, you can use it straight and get better results or dilute it down and still get killer results on par with the other brands. There's no sense paying to ship water....


Just spray the Iron remover on your wheels and painted surfaces. It'll quickly turn purple when it makes contact with Iron particles embedded in your paint's clear coat or your rims, so you can see it working. Once it's had a chance to work for a couple minutes, just rinse it off with a garden hose or pressure washer and you're good to go! 

Tips for use:
* For use on painted surfaces, simply spray on, let sit, and rinse. Do not use a brush or mitt to minimize micro scratches to your paint. Let them chemical do the work and then simply rinse off. 
* Use in a well ventilated area. Due to the nature of the product and the chemical reaction that makes it work, it does smell quite potent. (Even with the cherry citrus scent)
* For severely caked on brake dust, you may want to consider using this product with a tire brush to maximize the cleaning power.
* Do not allow the chemical to dry on your surface. Work in the shade and re-wet the surface if you see it start to dry. 

Tech Sheet

Quickly and safely remove harmful Iron particles from your paint to prevent rust damage and melt brake dust from your wheels in minutes. Industrial fallout and paint contamination don't stand a chance with our premium Iron Remover.  
You can even use it around the house! If you have hard well water, you've seen the ugly orange stains left behind on siding, mailboxes, walkways, decks, bathtubs and more. Melt those stains off without scrubbing. 

Iron Remover Spraying Rim

Iron Remover before and after shots from a wheel with lots of brake dust buildup


Please read if you have lead wheel weights

Lead wheel weight warning

Please note: Iron Remover activates with metallic particles, both good and bad.  It's possible that this product can stain plastic surfaces if left on for too long or applied to a surface that's too hot.