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Ruffle Pattern Glass Towel (4 PACK)

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Detail Factory's Ruffle Pattern glass towel features a unique wave pattern for maximum contact, effectively scooping up dirt and grime all while absorbing water and glass cleaner as you clean. It leaves a streak-free finish for excellent clarity and shine. The unique weave resists the urge to bunch up as you run it over your glass surfaces. The opposite side features a soft non ruffled finish allowing you to use a 2-towel method all in 1 towel. Try it with our foaming glass cleaner!

Recommended Uses:

  • Autoglass Cleaning (windows, glass, mirrors, electronic screens, etc.)
  • Dust/Dirt Removal

Size 16”x 16”
Blend 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide
GSM 500
Weave Circular Knitted
Edge Overlock
 Country of Origin South Korea

Clean-Room Laundered Microfiber Glass Towel