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Show Stopper Hand Wash Kit

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Super slick, glistening paint. Spotless polished metals and chrome. The smell of diesel. Enough penny lights to see the gathering from space. That's right, it's truck show season and we're here to help get your ride dialed in to perfection. Get ready to turn some heads this year. 
Image Wash Products polished show truck. Peterbilt 362 cabover.

Show Prep = Labor of Love

Everyone knows the best way to get a perfect wash is to do it by hand. And when it's show time, you want every inch of your truck as clean and scratch free as possible. From wash chemicals to top tier wash accessories, we've got you covered. 

"What in the world do you use to wash your truck?!?!" - The question we get the most. Well, here's our secret to maintaining a perfectly polished show truck.

Included Soaps & Recommended Process

This is how we hand wash our trucks every single week and maintain that show shine everywhere we go. Follow these steps, in this order, and you seriously can't go wrong. Always avoid direct heat/sunlight while washing. If you can't avoid the sun, work in very small sections, and be sure to rinse all chemicals off before the sun dries them up. If surfaces are hot to the touch, rinse them with cold water until they cool down before applying chemicals.

All Purpose Degreaser - Start by degreasing your wheel wells, engine bay, tires, interior cleaning, upholstery and anything else that's greasy. We recommend mixing your degreaser in the included IK Trigger Sprayer. Use the included tire brush to agitate the degreaser on your wheels to pull out the gunk, restoring the deep black look you want. Got a lot of degreasing to do? Mix it into a pump sprayer to get the job done quicker. Safe on polished metals when diluted at least 1:1.

Degreaser On Tire

Bug Remover - This one is self explanatory. Spray it on the bugs, give it a couple minutes to break down the bug remains, give it a light scrub with the included bug sponge, and rinse it off. It's also effective as a black streak remover on trailers! 100% safe on polished aluminum, chrome, and stainless.

Once you've done your degreasing and bug removal, it's time for Iron remover.

Bugs On Truck

Iron Remover - Also referred to as liquid clay bar because it's main job is to remove iron particles and industrial fallout that's embedded in your clear coat. Ever run your fingers along your paint and feel tiny little bumps that you can't see? Those are the particles we're looking to eliminate! Spray Iron Remover on your painted surfaces and wheels. It will turn purple as soon as it comes into contact with and liquifies iron particles. Once it's been allowed to work for a couple minutes, rinse it off thoroughly. If you still see purple water rinsing out from crevices, keep rinsing until the water runs completely clear. 

Why Use Our Iron Remover

Platinum Wash - Thick, high lubricity foam that gently glides your wash mitt across your paint. It's safe on all exterior surfaces and is gentle on existing wax protection. This neutral pH formula contains gloss enhancers that make your paint really POP! Rinses completely streak free, smells like cherries, and leaves your paint nice and conditioned. Use it in a foam cannon or bucket and scrub with the included Cyclone Ultra wash mitt for a scratch free finish. 
Platinum Wash On Truck

Wax Replacement - The product that put our name on the map. America's highest rated foam-on/rinse-off protective coating. After your hand wash is complete, foam or pump spray on our Wax Replacement. It instantly enhances the gloss and shine of your paint, provides some UV protection, and is super hydrophobic to repel the elements for 30+ days. 

Quick Detailer - You know the drill once you get to the show. Turn up the stereo and bust out the Quick Detailer with ultra soft edgeless microfibers and start wiping down. This stuff leaves your paint feeling ridiculously slick while bringing out maximum shine. Safe on all exterior surfaces with lasting protection and gloss that puts other quick detailers to shame. 

 Why Use Our Quick Detailer

Drying Towel - Once you're done washing and rinsing, hand dry all remaining water beads with the included Gauntlet Drying Towel. This super absorbent drying towel works best when it's slightly damp and can hold a lot of water. Nobody likes to see water spots, so make sure to dry very well. 

Included in Bundle:

(1) Bug Sponge

(2) Chenille Wash Mitt

(1) Gauntlet Drying Towel

(1) IK Trigger Sprayer

(1) Gallon Platinum Wash

(1) 32oz Bug Remover

(1) 32oz Quick Detailer

(1) 32oz Iron Remover

(1) Gallon Degreaser

(1) Tire Brush

(4) Eagle Edgless 500 Towel

(1) 16oz Wax Replacement