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Platinum Wash Detailer Grade Soap + Wax Repacement + Bug Remover
Bug Remover + Wax Replacement + Platinum Wash - Gallons
Prep/Wash/Protect How To
Load image into Gallery viewer, Platinum Wash Detailer Grade Soap + Wax Repacement + Bug Remover
Load image into Gallery viewer, Bug Remover + Wax Replacement + Platinum Wash - Gallons
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The Essentials - Prep/Wash/Protect

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Detailer's Favorite:
Everything you need to prep, wash, and protect your vehicle surfaces.

This bundle includes the three essential chemicals we use in our detail shop daily. Bug Remover to help break down those bug proteins and make washing with Platinum Wash even easier than it already is. Lastly, our foam-on/rinse-off Wax Replacement to give you the easiest protective coating you'll ever use. 

Gallon Bundle: Includes 1 gallon of each product.
Small Sampler Bundle: Includes 32oz Bug Remover Sprayer, half gallon of Platinum Wash, and a quart of Wax Replacement. Invisishield spray and protect
prep wash protect - how to


Bug Remover:

Safe on all surfaces and incredibly effective, our Bug Remover allows you to transform your bug covered vehicle into something spotless with minimal effort. With this fast-acting alkaline solution, you can watch those unsightly bug-remains slide right off while rinsing. And since we premixed this from a concentrate, it’s ready to use straight from the bottle. Simply spray some onto any surface, let it sit for 1-2 minutes, and rinse with water as necessary to get that bug-free paint you’ve been waiting for. We also recommend using this bug remover in a standard pump sprayer to achieve the same results as you'd get with the 32oz spray bottle. Since this is ready to use, we do not recommend putting this in a foam cannon, as that will further dilute the product.

Platinum Wash - Detailer Grade Soap:

Platinum Wash is a time-tested soap formulation that’s proven to rapidly penetrate and lift even the toughest gunk and grime from your vehicle without stripping away the existing wax protection. This deluxe, concentrated neutral pH soap formula is remarkably effective at leaving a brilliant clean & shine while remaining gentle enough for even the highest quality paint jobs, all without leaving spots or streaks. Simply mix 1-2 ounces of this concentrate with each gallon of water to produce rich, lathery suds that are simply a joy to wash with. Use Platinum Wash in a foam cannon to maximize surface area coverage with ease.

Wax Replacement - America's #1 Foamable Coating:

Our #1 selling product and an absolute fan favorite.
Protect your vehicle with our foam-on wax replacement! Simply foam it on (or use pump sprayer) and rinse it off to get supreme water beading and protection! Not some imitation snake oil this stuff is the real deal.

This stuff performs just like a ceramic coating or hand wax without all the effort
Invisishield spray and protect

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