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Gauntlet Drying Towel

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Microfiber Care Guide

How to prep your microfibers before first use
1. Before you use your microfiber towels for the first time, make sure to wash them to remove any loose fibers from factory production.
2. You should always wash newer red, orange, and black colored towels separately from light colored towels. You don't want your colors bleeding. 
You may already know that washing your microfibers before first use is recommended. But you may be surprised by how you're supposed to be washing them. 
Quick Cleaning - for lightly soiled microfibers:
You can hand wash your towels with warm water and a mild clean-rinsing liquid soap. Clean-rinsing liquid soaps easily rinse out without leaving behind any residue. Make sure to rinse extremely well, until all soap residue is gone and the only thing coming out of your microfiber is water. 

Deep Clean - for heavily soiled microfibers:
All of the towels we carry from The Rag Company are machine washable, so you don't need to wash them by hand! Just keep in mind that you don't want to exceed 140° F (60° C) or you risk melting the fibers. Damaging these fibers can make your towels less effective or worse, completely useless. Especially after many washes. We also recommend keeping your dirty microfibers separate from your other laundry pile. That'll make the next step easier.
1. ONLY run them through the washer with other non-linting fabrics (Definitely don't wash them with cotton!) - Washing micros without other types of fabric helps to maintain the integrity of the towels, which helps to keep their dirt and water gripping properties. Oh, and keeps them lint free! Microfiber is designed to grab and hold onto lint, which is why you should avoid mixing them in with your other laundry.
2. Machine wash with warm water and avoid using hot water. 
3. Make sure to use a liquid detergent that is clean-rinsing, mild, and as free of perfumes and dyes as possible. Strong scents used in most detergents can actually coat the fibers of the cloth, which reduces their ability to pick up and grip dust/dirt.
4. Don't use any fabric softener or chlorine bleach. Fabric softener can clog the fibers and reduce their overall performance. Bleach prematurely breaks down the fibers and kills the electrical charge in the towel that is so crucial to their performance.
5. The best way to dry your microfibers is to hang them up to dry outside or inside with plenty of air circulation. If using a machine dryer, make sure to clean out your lint trap thoroughly before loading it up! Dry only with LOW or NO HEAT. You should skip the dryer sheets, as even some of the best out there can clog the towel's fibers.
I'm not sure if anyone actually irons their microfibers, but if you do, you should stop. Ironing microfibers actually melts the fibers. Oh no!

Introducing The Gauntlet Drying Towels – a pinnacle in high-quality detailing innovation. Crafted with super-thirsty premium Korean 70/30 split blend fibers, this towel stands out with its patented twist-loop hybrid design, offering an unparalleled level of absorbency that was once only a dream.

What sets The Gauntlet apart is its distinctive pattern of alternating stripes, seamlessly blending twist-loop and soft plush textures. Elevating the experience further, the towel incorporates TRC's exclusive world-class ButterSoft™ 70/30 suede border, placing The Gauntlet in a league of its own.

Unsurprisingly, it has become the #1 choice for a multitude of discerning clients, including automobile manufacturers, collector car clubs, professional restorers, and detailers worldwide. Elevate your detailing game with The Gauntlet – where innovation meets excellence.

Gauntlet drying towel on hood

Additional Product Details:

  • Experience luxury: 20"x30" dual-color towel – charcoal grey on one side, ice grey on the other
  • Premium performance: 100% premium Korean 900gsm 70/30 blend split microfiber
  • Unmatched efficiency: designed to dry all vehicle surfaces faster, thoroughly, and gently
  • Rapid moisture wicking: quickly draws moisture away, safely nurturing your vehicle's surface
  • Plush comfort: extra soft and absorbent, dries quickly for immediate reuse
  • Versatile wonder: ideal for drying and more drying – your ultimate towel solution
  • Scratch-free assurance: no tags mean no scratches on your prized possession
  • Auto enthusiast's choice: crafted with the highest quality Korean microfiber
  • Detailer-approved: meets and exceeds the toughest detailer standards
  • Unrivaled durability: withstands hundreds of washings, getting softer with each use
  • Crafted excellence: manufactured in South Korea using state-of-the-art German microfiber production equipment (Karl Mayer)