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Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2021 - Gifts for truckers, detailers, and vehicle enthusiasts!

Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2021 - Gifts for truckers, detailers, and vehicle enthusiasts!

Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2021
The holiday season is here! You're obviously gearing up to purchase gifts for that truck driver, detailer, or vehicle enthusiast in your life. Otherwise you wouldn't be here. Maybe that truck driver, detailer, or vehicle enthusiast is you and you're just looking to save yourself some money while stocking up on products for your ride. Whichever applies to you, we’ve got you covered with some great suggestions that’ll help any vehicle enthusiast keep their ride turning heads (for the right reasons).

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1.  Interior Cleaning Bundle

Although having a clean exterior is important for maintaining your professional image, you spend the most time looking at the inside of your vehicle. The same principles apply to your bedroom as they do to your vehicle interior. The cleaner your personal space is, the less distractions you’ll have and less overall stress you’ll feel. The less stress & distractions you feel helps you remain focused on the road, leading to safer driving.

Speaking of safety. Keeping the inside of your glass clean and clear increases visibility, maximizing safety through the winter months.

Plus, there’s nothing more embarrassing than inviting a passenger into your ride when your interior is trashed… Trust us, your friends will be thankful you cleaned up and they don’t have to sit on week-old French fries.

We’ve put together this super easy to use interior detailing kit that’ll help remove that greasy buildup and condition your surfaces, keeping everything nice and fresh.

2. For Those Who Wash Their Own Stuff
exterior truck wash soap kit for truckers, detailers, and vehicle enthusiasts
Ok, so we’ve covered the interior but maybe you’re shopping for someone who likes to make sure the outside of their vehicle looks crispy clean at all times. We put together this special bundle that includes everything you’ll need to keep your paint job, polished metals, chrome, and other exterior surfaces shining. Bug Remover, Degreaser, our neutral pH wash soap - Platinum Wash, and the fan-favorite, our foam-on/rinse-off Wax Replacement. 

This exterior detailing kit has all the chemicals you need to wash a car, truck, RV, motorcycle, or any other outdoor toy!

3. Gift Cards
image wash products gift card - buy one $50 card, get a $10 gift card for free
If you have no idea what to get them and this guide feels like reading a foreign language, no worries. We have gift cards available so your special someone can pick out exactly what they want or need themselves. PLUS, during the holiday season, we’re offering a special deal on gift cards where you get a $10 gift card for FREE when you order a gift card over $50 in value. Don’t need the $10 gift card for yourself? Give it as a gift with the other card to increase the overall gift value. BOOM!

4. For The Metal Polisher In Your Life
metal polishing with zephyr polishes

Polishing metal to a perfect mirror finish is hard physical work! If you’re shopping for someone who is starting to learn how to polish aluminum, we have an aluminum polishing starter kit that has everything you need to make your very first aluminum mirror.

5. For The Truck Show / Car Show Enthusiast
quick detailer with edgeless eagle 500GSM Korean microfibers

The number 1 & 2 products you see used at a truck show or car show are microfiber towels and a quick detailer spray. Everyone wants to make sure their paint really POPS and turns heads, so you’ll see guys wiping every inch down and getting that paint shined up with a high quality quick detailer.

We're excited to announce that our long awaited Quick Detailer spray that cleans, shines, and adds hydrophobic protection to all exterior surfaces will be hitting the store this Black Friday! It’s super easy to use, smells great, and makes your paint job really stand out. Plus, since it’s hydrophobic, it’ll repel rain and other weather to keep your paint protected.

The best part? Ok, I guess there’s actually two.

1. We’re including the absolute best microfiber towels in the detailing game. The Eagle Edgeless microfibers from The Rag Company, the leaders in detailing microfiber towels. They’re insanely soft and work incredibly well for applying a quick detailer, spray wax, or hand wax.

2. With this bundle, you get 3 bottles for the price of 2. That’s a $25 value and 32oz of Quick Detailer for FREE! This will last any enthusiast a loooooong time, even if you’re one of those guys who likes to constantly be wiping down his truck at the truck stops.

Unlike most quick detailers on the market that are more of a "spit shine" and only last a couple days, the protection from our Quick Detailer can last several weeks depending on elements you encounter.

This stuff is incredible, you’re going to love it.
Click here if you want the quick detailer without the microfibers.

6. The Off-Road Adventurer
ATV protectant - high gloss finish for plastics, vinyl, and rubber
Have you seen the videos where the guy sprays his ATV with some aerosol protectant, takes it out on a super muddy trail, and then brings it home to wash it off super easy? Final Shine is that same stuff. Once clean and dry, spray down all your plastic, vinyl, rubber, and fiberglass. If you overspray or need to even it out, just grab a microfiber and buff it to your liking. It’s the easiest way to add that high-gloss finish to your off-road vehicle.

Oh, and you can also use it on your interior too! 

If this sounds like the gift you’re looking for, we’ve got the deal for you.
Buy 1 get one FREE. Coupon code: FINAL2FOR1 valid through the end of the year.

7. For The Ballers - A Jaw Dropping All-In-One Kit
Big Boss detailing kit - all in one bundle for detailers, truckers, and vehicle enthusiasts

This is the mac daddy of all detailing bundles. If you’re really trying to impress someone this holiday season, this is THE ONE. Plus, if you get them this kit, you definitely don’t need to get them anything else. lol 

Here’s why…

If you’re shopping for someone who’s a fan of Image Wash Products (or maybe that someone is you), this is the deal for you. This kit is jam packed with products from the industry leaders in vehicle care. Brands like The Rag Company, IK Sprayers, S.M. Arnold, and Castle. The perfect complements to help maximize the performance of all your favorite Image Wash Products.

Included Hardware / Accessories:
IK Foam Pro 2 - Sturdy, handheld, foaming, pump up sprayer.
IK Trigger Sprayer - Professional chemical trigger sprayer. 
4PACK - Microfiber Diamond Weave Glass Towels
4PACK - Eagle Edgeless 500 Microfibers 
10PACK- Edgeless 245 All Purpose Microfiber Towels
The Gauntlet Drying Towel - Quickly and easily dry off water beads.
Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt - Super soft. Gentle on paint.
S.M. Arnold Bug Sponge 
(Optional) 2x Foam Cannons - Your choice of pressure washer or garden hose versions. Or get the bundle with no foam cannons if you already have some.

Included Chemicals:
All Purpose Degreaser - Gallon
Iron Remover - 32oz Sprayer
Bug Remover - Gallon
Platinum Wash - Half Gallon
Wash & Wax - Half Gallon
Interior Detailer - 32oz Sprayer
Quick Detailer - 32oz Sprayer
Castle Streak Proof Glass Cleaner
FREE Gallon of Wax Replacement ($100 VALUE)

Still need help? No worries! We've got your back!
Just click the chat button in the bottom right corner of the screen to send us any questions. Prefer email? Hit us up at help@washproduct.com. Maybe you'd prefer a phone call. If so, you can reach us at 616-777-7175 Monday through Friday. We promise we'll always get back to you as quick as humanly possible. 

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