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Pressure washing a car’s exterior.

Top 4 Reasons Why Every Truck Owner Needs a Foam Cannon

Having pride in your truck means regular maintenance and upkeep. And if you are a proud truck owner, then you know that this includes keeping your ride clean. This is the case whether your truck spends its days on pavement or back roads. Either way, it is accumulating gunk and debris throughout the day.

If this gunk and road debris isn’t regularly cleaned off, it can build up. And we aren’t just talking about dirty windows. We are talking about getting inside your rig and causing problems down the line. Soap and water on a regular basis can go a long way in preventing problems.

But this type of regular maintenance doesn’t mean you have to constantly hit the body shop or car wash. With a foam cannon, you can keep your truck looking shiny and new. And you can achieve this without having to break the bank on regular cleanings.

If you have been considering making the move to a foam cannon for your pressure washer, now is the time. And if you need some convincing, then you are in the right place. We have put together some of the top reasons why we feel every truck owner needs a foam cannon.

1. A More Thorough Cleaning

Washing your truck by hand might be methodical, or even cathartic for you. However, there is no question that you likely have to go back because you missed a spot. This is likely the case even if your car wash soap has good foaming action. Overall, the process is not as thorough as a foam cannon pressure washer can be.

Additionally, a foam cannon gun is also more consistent. You certainly can think of times when your foam was inconsistent, or your soap became diluted and you didn’t realize. Foam cannons can eliminate these concerns, providing an even wash from start to finish.

2. A Faster Process

It is no secret that foam cannons for pressure washers make the job go more quickly. And this being the case, you will be more likely to wash your truck on a regular basis. Since you don’t have to carve out a chunk of your day, it just becomes part of your routine.

Overall, this makes you more efficient. Whether you use your truck for your job or simply enjoy that weekend cruise. Staying on top of the cleaning can be done easily and quickly with a foam cannon.

Foamy soap on car exterior.

3. Better For The Paint

You certainly know that a washing mitt can scratch the surface if used too aggressively. When using a foam cannon, a mitt should only be used very lightly to wipe away excess. However, the foam cannon itself is better for your truck’s paint.

A foam cannon pressure washer creates a thick and thick foam layer. It is much thicker than what you can get out of a wash bucket. This foam is incredibly soft and gentle on the exterior of the car. Additionally, its density is more effective at removing small rocks or debris from the vehicle.

4. A Better Looking Truck

At the end of the day, there are all sorts of reasons why a truck owner needs a foam cannon. But, the bottom line is that using a foam cannon gun results in a better-looking truck. This leaves little room for argument.

A better-looking truck with a more protective surface can extend the value and integrity of your ride down the road. With such an easy process, there is no point in settling for anything less than a foam cannon.

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An important thing to note is that foam cannons don’t come as a one-size-fits-all solution. There are different shapes, sizes, and pressure levels to consider depending on what you need.

Additionally, not all foam cannon soaps are the same. There are options available because your truck and your situation is unique. After all, you don’t need a heavy-duty car wash foam if you are simply keeping up with maintenance. Or, vice versa, you need something strong if your truck has a significant amount of accumulated filth.

It is worth going through our selection and finding what might be best suited for your vehicle. Our team of professionals are eager to answer whatever questions you may have. They can guide you in the right direction toward a solution that works for you.

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