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Complete Car Wash Soap Sheet Kit

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Introducing the complete car wash soap sheet kit. It's jam packed with everything you need to clean and protect the entire outside of your vehicle from top to bottom. Truly the most comprehensive kit.

Complete Soap Sheet Bundle

Car Wash Soap Sheet (10 Sheet Pack)

Industry-first ultra concentrated car wash soap formula packed into a liquidless soap sheet. Once dissolved, this neutral pH soap is perfect for washing any type of vehicle while still delivering thick foam with high lubricity. Perfect for mitt or brush washing.

Soap sheets can be dissolved in your foam cannon or bucket in minutes. If using a foam cannon, add 1-3 sheets depending on how thick you prefer your car soap foam. Or add 1-2 sheets in 2 gallons of water for a sudsy bucket wash experience. 

Our soap sheet formula is as strong as our most popular liquid soap, Platinum Wash, while taking up a fraction of the space on your shelf due to the minimal packaging. Speaking or packaging, car wash soap sheets come in recyclable/compostable packaging, eliminating the need for plastic jugs. Truly one of the first zero waste car soaps on the market. 

All Purpose Degreaser (16oz Sprayer)

One of the most versatile chemicals in our lineup and a must have for any detailing arsenal. All purpose degreaser is perfect for cleaning tires, wheels, engine bays, interiors, or any other greasy/oily messes. Simply spray on the affected area, let it sit to penetrate the grime, and give it a light scrub or pressure wash the grime away. (Use common sense, don't rub dirt into your paint).

Our All Purpose Degreaser is one of the few on the market that is safe on polished aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, paint, and even interiors without sacrificing cleaning power.

Bug Remover (16oz Sprayer)

Melt bug guts, manure, bird droppings, and more with this detailer grade alkaline bug remover. Formulated specifically to be safe on polished aluminum, chrome, gel coats, clear coats, and stainless steel. Use as part of your car wash prep process. 

Wax Replacement w/Hose End Sprayer

Our #1 selling product for a reason. This spray-on rinse-off car wax is super easy to use and leaves a brilliant finish on any clean vehicle. Wax Replacement creates a hydrophobic protective layer on paint, plastics, metals, and more. After your wash, simply connect the hose end sprayer attachment to your garden hose and spray all over your vehicle, covering every nook and cranny. After it sits for a minute or two, simply rinse it off and you'll immediately notice the superior water beading properties and a super shiny surface.  

The Gauntlet Drying Towel

Made by The Rag Company, this drying towel is hands-down one of the best drying towels on the market. If you're a professional detailer, you've likely heard of these or even already own some. The patented twist-loop hybrid design creates a level of absorbency unmatched by other microfiber drying towels. This puppy sucks up the water like crazy. You have to see it in action!

The Cyclone Ultra Wash Mitt

The Cyclone Wash Mitt is an ultra soft microfiber wash mitt developed by The Rag Company. On top of featuring the softest microfiber material available, the inside of these mitts are lined with their proprietary gauntlet weave material. This liner offers more grip inside the mitt and the ability to hold more sudsy liquid than other mitts with foam liners. This is a true game changer. 

Paired with the lubricity of the car wash soap sheets, this makes for a perfect scratch and swirl free wash.

How to use car wash soap sheets