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Rag Company Cyclone Ultra Wash Mitt - 2 Pack

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The CYCLONE ULTRA WASH MITT features a special Microfiber blend designed to more easily release of contaminates into your wash bucket to minimize the risk of scratches and swirls. 

The team at The Rag Company also incorporated a new Microfiber Liner made from the popular patented GAUNTLET Drying Towel material. This liner gives you a better grip and maximum control. Since this liner is super absorbent, it has the ability to hold the perfect amount of liquid while you're washing! 

If you're looking to keep your paint swirl-free, this high quality wash mitt is the way to go when paired with our high lubricity detailing soaps, Platinum Wash or Wash & Wax. Use it for your foam cannon washing, soap & bucket Washing, and rinse-less washing needs. 


- Exterior: AA grade premium 100% wooled polyester microfiber (propietary)

- Interior Liner: 70% polyester/30% polyamide "Gauntlet" microfiber (patented) Korean padding

- Country of origin: South Korea

- Size: 8" x 9"

Color: Blue/White/Black

Microfiber Care Instructions 

microfiber towel care guide