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Power washing the front of a truck.

Enhancing Your Business with Touchless Semi-Truck Washes: Advantages and Impact

There is no question that adding a touchless semi-truck wash to your business will lead to improvements. There are some who might be skeptical about a touchless truck wash soap. But this is only because they are doing things the old fashioned way.

Sure there is nothing wrong with a wash system that involves wiping down the truck surface and wiping away the excess. In a sense, sticking to this old fashioned model simply demonstrates how much you care about your truck.

But just because there is nothing wrong with the process doesn’t mean it leaves no room for improvement. In fact, the old fashioned model of washing trucks left a great deal of room for improvement. Thankfully, touchless truck wash chemicals have satisfied that improvement.

If you are considering enhancing your business, then it is time to consider touchless truck wash. If you are on the fence about the advantages or the impact, then you are in the right place. Read on to better understand how touchless truck wash soaps can benefit your business.

Less Waste and More Efficiency

A touchless car or truck wash soap doesn’t require physical contact to be effective. Touchless washing typically makes use of a pressure washer and a foam cannon. This high pressure is effective in a couple of ways. For starters, it makes sure no spot is missed.

Whether you are cleaning a large vehicle or small vehicle, you don’t want to miss a spot. The blend of foam and pressure makes sure this doesn’t happen. This means you can forget about the need to go back and wash your truck again. But you will also use less water and soap because of this.

Touchless truck washes tend to require less water and soap overall. As a business owner, you understand that less waste means more efficiency. With a touchless truck wash, this efficiency comes in the form of both time and materials. Using less water, less soap, and less time is a win-win-win for any business.

Additionally, a touchless semi truck wash uses less electricity than a traditional truck wash. If you operate a car or truck washing business, then you know how much energy that heavy washing equipment requires. Now, if you make the switch to touchless, you can instantly see the benefit.

Doing more with less is the name of the game when it comes to touchless truck and car wash soap. Speed up your wash cycle, get it right the first time, with less materials, energy, and water.

Power washing a large truck.

Any Business

It might seem like touchless car wash soap would be geared toward established car wash businesses only. However, this is not the case. If you have a business that requires deliveries, or the use of semi trucks, then you likely have a maintenance garage. Another great thing about touchless truck wash chemicals is that they are easy to use.

Keep your fleet clean without worrying about sending them to the car wash on a regular basis. Any business that has a fleet of trucks understands that there are costs associated with ongoing maintenance. This is true even if you only have a few trucks in your service.

By keeping touchless truck wash soap on hand in your garage, you can avoid some of that maintenance. Rather, you can see to it yourself.

This is the case even if you are an independent driver with your own rig. Keeping that truck shiny and looking top notch is a way to impress the companies you deliver for. You know that your truck is an impression of your business. Therefore, why not keep it looking professional and impressive all the time?

By having a touchless truck wash kit in your garage, you can do precisely that. In fact, you might find yourself doing it more often than you used to, simply because of how easy it is.

Shop Our Touchless Soap

Our touchless truck wash soaps are designed for any type of vehicle, and any size. What’s more, they are totally safe on polished aluminum, which is a common concern of heavy duty truck wash chemicals. We designed our touchless truck wash chemicals with you and your rig in mind.

While you might be used to the old fashioned way of doing things, it’s time to up your game. We are sure that once you try our touchless wash soaps, there will be no going back. Get a taste of how easily and effectively you can keep your truck clean, and impress everyone you do business with.

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